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I grew up gypsy style due to my family moving a lot.  At age 6, my grandma got me into modeling where I learned how to move and pose. When I was 16, I moved in with my aunt in Boston where I finished high school then did one semester at Harvard.  When I hit puberty, I started to get an extremely curvy body.  I continued to halfway pursue modeling but had little success.  My weight was always an issue.  I was told to lose 10 pounds and come back.  I even made it to the last round of the Patriots Cheer Leading tryouts before I got cut for my “curves”.  I always wanted to be skinny but God blessed me with curves.  So, I had to learn to live with my curves, hold my head up, make the best of things and hope something good was in my future.

At age 20, I was scouted for Playboy Magazine allowing me to work with the brand for several exciting years until I quit in 2010 to give birth to my daughter.  Two years later, I had my second child and as you can see, I am currently pregnant.  But, what you can’t see is the insecurities I am having with this pregnancy.  I am full of emotions and at times it nearly gets to me.  The ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster is enough to drive anyone crazy.  But once again, I am holding my head up anticipating what the future holds in store for me.

When mom and I heard about the Hello Gorgeous Project, we thought it would be something great to do together.  She has never done anything like this before so I knew she was excited yet extremely nervous and being photographed while pregnant made me very nervous.  But, I felt more excited to be able to share this experience with my mother, Miriam K.  So, we set up a time for our photo shoot.  As the day drew near, our excitement and nervousness grew stronger. Then finally, the day had come.  It turned out to be a cold day but since we both love the outdoors, we decided to shoot our photos outdoors.  After all, what could bring you closer to nature than wandering through the woods with nothing on but your boots.  Although the photo shoot was very quick, due to the cold, we both had a blast.  I’m sure we will be talking about this for years to come.

I look forward to getting back into shape after giving birth and doing a follow up shoot for this project.  Sometimes you just have to take a chance and go with it. So, shed your past and Be-YOU-tiful…

3 photo collage 96dpi.jpg

dividers-clipart or

Be sure to leave your reply and/or post your comments about this photo and story below so others can read it.  Thanks for your time and support in this incredible art project…

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