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Kay C 4x5 @96 dpi

I’ve always had an easy going attitude about life but the past several years have started taking a toll on me.  I had a typical childhood, the normal picking and joking around with from other kids in school.  Everyone seemed normal for me until after I got out of school.  I met a guy and had two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl.  Then things started to fall apart.

After a very bad split, I had to try to find my way in life.  I started in the timeshare business as a phone solicitor and after a very short time, I was one of the top people on the sales team.  Everything was going fine until, the company started having problems.  This is when things started to hit me.  I wasn’t the size I felt I should be or wanted to be, no one respected me for my abilities as a sales person.  Everyone I met felt they could use me for what they wanted then leave me in the dark.  One thing after another, life kicked me in the butt and it was getting me down lower and lower.

Then one day, I heard about this project.  I decided I would do it just to see if I could really go through with it.  I almost cancelled my photo shoot many times before the day arrived.  Finally, I decided to just bare all and go with it at the shoot.  And that is just what I did.

The experience was AWESOME!!!  I was treated like a Queen with the utmost respect.  I felt so comfortable even though I didn’t have anything on to cover my body.  We laughed and told stories/jokes during the entire photo shoot.  I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time.  It was at that point, I DID shed my past and felt like I was Be-YOU-tiful as the project suggested I would.

Since my photo shoot, I’ve noticed that I am holding my head up and feel so much more confident that I’ve ever felt.  I am working on myself now to become a healthier person for me and my kids.

I never would have thought that something as simple as a project like this could help me so much!  I wish I would have done this a long time ago.  I realized that I am not alone.  There are people out there just like me.  Don’t let life get you down.  After all, the things that really matter in life are your health and family.

3 photo collage 96dpi

I AM Be-YOU-tiful!!!

dividers-clipart or

Be sure to leave your reply and/or post your comments about this photo and story below so others can read it.  Thanks for your time and support in this incredible art project…

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