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As a girl growing up in Alberta, Canada, I was picked on a lot in school.  Well, that was until I got bigger than the rest of the kids.  I got into trouble a lot but I had fun while I was there.  I was doing runway modeling for clothing stores at age 15 then got pregnant at age 16 so I had to grow up faster than the other kids.  Although I was pregnant, I continued on with high school and graduated a year early.  Then, off to work I went and I left modeling behind.  I only started back into modeling again just a couple years ago.

I guess I was just like most people.  I had many ups and downs in my relationships but all of them have ended in failure.  I had to raise my daughter alone.  Although I’ve never been married, I would love to be one day as long as I can find an honest, true, loving gentleman who has a little adventurous side.

Recently, I was involved in a couple car wrecks which has caused me to have major surgeries.  This has left in with a lot of pain and big scars on my back.  It has also taken away a lot of my mobility.  But, I keep on pushing through one day at a time.

I’ve been following this project on Instagram for some time and I truly believe in promoting Body Positivity.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way but they seem to hide it or they are too afraid to let go and show it afraid of rejection or intimidation.  At first, I didn’t want to have photographs of my scars but recently I’ve decided to show them to the world.  They are a part of me, who I am and I will not hide them.  They are tracks of something I went through and something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  I do not let them bring me down.  Instead, I use them as a positive thing.  So, with this project, I am washing away the past and coming out smelling like a Rose.

When it comes to doing a photo shoot, I am always nervous at first.  Sometimes, it does take a lot to get in front of a camera. I am a pretty shy and self-conscious person to begin with but I find that I am a different person when I’m in front of the camera and I love it! I have confidence and I love to show that through my photos.  Being in front of the camera can be a fun, exhilarating experience that makes you feel amazing and powerful, a whole person.  Then, seeing photos of myself helps me gain confidence in myself and help me see myself as a beautiful person, no matter what my size or shape is.  Every shoot I do makes me want to grab life by the horns and ignore what anyone else thinks and just do me. I feel like I can do whatever I want and what makes me feel good about myself, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I hope that others can look at themselves in a good way and be proud to be them. And to be confident and just do what you want and feel happy in your own skin. Get in front of that camera if you want to and just go for it but most of all enjoy yourself and have fun.

Show everyone that you are Be-YOU-tiful just the way you are!

dividers-clipart or

Be sure to leave your reply and/or post your comments about this photo and story below so others can read it.  Thanks for your time and support in this incredible art project…

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