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I was born with severe Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) but I didn’t let the daily pain stop me from playing sports with the boys.  I played softball and was even a cheerleader.  My parents were always loving, supportive people who helped me achieve so much in my life.  They drove me to pageants, allowed me to be a freelance model and home schooled me through part of my high school years.  Whatever I needed, they supplied it for me.  Then, my life changed when I lost my father, causing me to look at things in a different light.

Starting when I was a young teenager, I always felt pain in my uterus but doctors told us this was normal.  They either misdiagnosed it or dismissed it all together.  In 2012, I had a beautiful, healthy little miracle girl then started to have more severe complications.  The pain would be so bad, I would constantly faint.  Then, in 2016, I was rushed to the ER.  My body was shutting itself down and the swelling was so bad, they had to cut the clothes off my body.  That’s when I finally got referred to an amazing doctor who decided to run tests to see what was wrong.  The results were a slap in the face!  I found out not only am I now sterile, I have several severe major diseases in and around my female organs.  Endometriosis (growth of tissue outside the uterus), Adenomyosis (the inner lining of the uterus breaking through the muscle wall of the uterus), Asherman’s Syndrome (severe formation of scar tissue inside the uterine cavity) along with several other painful issues. In layman’s terms, my uterus is pretty much attacking and killing itself in one way or another.  If tests were done early on, chances are they would have caught the problem(s) sooner and been able to treat them then.  Recently, I went through a six month treatment which caused me to loose most of my hair causing me to fall into a deep depression.  The only help I can see is, I will have to have a full hysterectomy and that’s something you wouldn’t normally be thinking about at 28 years old.  But, that still won’t correct all my ailments.

I can no longer wear tight clothing or heels and within minutes of the first feeling of an oncoming episode, I swell up looking like I am six months pregnant.  The pain is horrible and it is getting worse each and every day.  I live with depression, severe pain, swelling, numbness, weakness, nausea and so much more causing a lower quality of life.  Just one of these diseases is bad enough but having them all is almost unbearable at times, yet I press on.

I wanted to be a part of this project in hopes that other women can see my scars, read my story and realize they are not alone.  Although the photo shoot went quickly, due to having an episode come on, Jereme was very compassionate and understanding.  I feel by being part of this project, I have accomplished something great, which makes me feel alive and free.  I’ve wanted to share my story for some time now but didn’t really know how or where to do so until I heard about this project.

So, with all this being said, no matter what life throws at you, be strong, confident and don’t worry about what others say or think.  Never give up on your dreams.  Be yourself for you aren’t meant to be the same as everyone else.  Ignore negativity and surround yourself with positive people who lift you up instead of constantly bringing you down.  And, keep watch over your health and find a caring doctor when you really need one.

NOTE – Jessie had surgery to help with her health problems.  We will be adding to her story as well as posting a couple “AFTER” photos in the near future.

You are “Be-YOU-tiful” so grab hold of life and show the world how “Be-YOU-tiful” you truly are! 

dividers-clipart or

Be sure to leave your reply and/or post your comments about this photo and story below so others can read it.  Thanks for your time and support in this incredible art project…


  1. I have known jessie for 4 years now and seen her go thru all of this. I’m in bad health and I get feeling down I remember what she going thru and she is brave and dont let it it get to her. She is a very inspiration to me. I look up to her. Thank you for be strong and I love you my friend. Thank you for helping me realize no matter what you still beautiful


  2. Jessie is such a sweet young lady who has been faced with so many hardships in her short life. I am glad to see she is doing well after her surgery. It is so nice to see her smile again after seeing what she went through. I am looking forward to working with her again soon to bring everyone updates.


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