How It Works

If you are interested in participating in our next publication, the process is very simple.  We have two ways for you to be part of this special art project.  You can either email your photos to us or we can schedule a time and date for our photographers to come to you.

Submitting Your Own Photos

(We prefer this method for it is the quickest, easiest way to participate)

You can email 5-6 high resolution, full body, tasteful nude images to us at  These images should NOT be selfies where you can see the phone/camera or closeups of body parts.  It is ok for photos to be shot with a smartphone, as long as the resolution and quality is high enough.  Once we receive your images and your questionnaire, found at the “Tell Us Your Story/Participate” link above, we will start working on adding your images and story to our project.  We can not use images that have copyright marks or watermarks on them.  You must own the copyrights to all images submitted.  Also, your full body images should look like snap shots and not ones found in explicit adult magazines.  Click on the logo or “Hello Gorgeous Project” title above to view others photos to get an idea of what we are looking for.

The images in the final publication will show participants in playful and casual situations, indoors and outdoors, so viewers will feel relaxed while viewing them and reading the stories.

Ladies, we ask you to wear no makeup along with wearing your hair like you are spending the day hanging out at home by yourself, simple and nothing fancy.  Men, we can not print any images with an erection, we want to see the relaxed side of you.  We want your stories to tell your full story and your photos to look like a candid snap shot that compliment your story.

Once you have emailed your images to us, go to the “Tell Us Your Story/Participate” tab above to complete and submit your story to us.  We must have your images, story and signed release before we can add you to the project.

Scheduling A Photo Shoot With Our Photographers

If you live within 3 hours of Springfield, Missouri, we can work on scheduling a photo shoot with you and one of our photographers.  Photo shoots are normally shot in your home or favorite location where you feel the most comfortable being nude.  Doing the photo shoot in your favorite location gives your photographs personality and familiarity.  There is no need to redecorate or do anything special for we do not judge anyone or anything.  We want to photograph you in your normal everyday environment doing what you do on any given  day.  You could be doing chores around the house, playing video games, getting ready for or out of the bath, reading a book, watching TV, enjoying the outdoors, etc.  We simply want to show you being YOU.  If you wish to have your photo shoot at a special location, that is ok but any costs associated with the location is your responsibility to cover.

Shoots normally take under an hour and you are required to sign a model release to participate. The model release grants us permission to use your image(s) and story for editorial and artistic purposes on our website and book.  Photos and stories of participants will never be used for defamation or in pornographic form.

You will receive an email with a link to where you can download your high resolution images along with a copyright release which allows you  to use the images however you’d like.  We just ask you give us photography credit when you do.  It is really a simple yet inspiring process.

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Comments From Others

“I have always felt like I was an outsider when I’m around others.  I’m very nervous yet I am excited about this opportunity but I don’t know if I can do it.”  

This is very common and we hear it all the time.  We want you to feel completely comfortable before scheduling a shoot.  If you feel your photos will harm your career or personal life in any manor, then don’t participate.  But, if you feel this will help boost your self-worth, we would love to work with you.  We want this project to stay 100% positive and once we’ve completed a shoot with a signed model release, we cannot un-publish or withhold images from publication after it has gone to print.

“I’m not pretty enough to be part of this.”

Yes, you are.  Remember as a small child when you weren’t worried about how others viewed you yet you were happy-go-lucky?  This is what we want to bring out in you and in your photos.  Many people have told us they have forgotten about not wearing clothes and they were so relaxed, they felt like they did years ago.

“Can I be photographed with my partner or a couple friends?”

Yes, it is possible depending on each individual situation.  This is an art project and we will keep things on a professional basis.  We don’t want the images to look too sexual like you would see in a men’s magazine.  The only other issue is time.  All sessions have a 1-2 hour window, so the more people at the shoot, the less time we have to work with every individual.

“I love the concept of this project but I’m not a 25 year old skinny woman, can I still participate?”

Yes, of course. We are continually trying to bring more diversity to this project and we want to work with all women regardless of skin color, body hair, disabilities or anything else you can think of. If you’re willing to work with us, we’re excited to help tell your story.

“Should I change my hair, makeup, etc for the shoot?”

Please don’t! We want you to be who you are, the real you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

“Can I participate in this project and not show my face”?

This project is about openness, building strength and confidence in oneself and part of that is photographing your whole self.  If you prefer to not show your face, we can work with you.  If you have a small mask, like a Mardi Gras mask that compliments your personality, you can use it to show your inner personality.  This is all about you and who you are.  This is your time to shine!