Tell Us Your Story/Participate

If we are scheduling a photographer to come to you for your photo shoot, this is to be completed “BEFORE” your photo shoot.  If you are submitting your own photos to us at, this needs to be completed and submitted at the time you email your images to us.

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The form below should help give you ideas with your story for our “Hello Gorgeous Project”.  Complete all of the information as completely and as honestly as possible.  And, don’t worry, you are not alone.  Many people have gone through and/or are going through what you have gone through in your life.  We want our viewers to see your photo(s) then read your story so they too can learn what has brought to this point in their lives thus allowing them to live a happier more productive life.

We want to take this opportunity to thank for being so brave and having the strength to take a part in our project.  Your photo(s) and story just may change and/or save someone’s life.  You could be someone’s hero…